​Small Business IT
Focusing on small business including, but not limited to, Dental Offices and Medical Practices. If you already have an IT Pro, we can help you better manage your IT vendor by providing IT Auditing services including security, stability, documentation, OS/software compliance, IT policy and upgrade plans.

Bruce has been teaching at TeachMentor, a Microsoft technology conference, since 2000. Bruce worked full time as an instructor for 8 years and has filed patents for remote lab environments that led the revolution in distance learning.

Bruce is an expert in Microsoft infrastructure technologies and can provide consulting and project leadership for mission critical projects by bringing 26+ years of experience.​


Every client needs a way to protect their mission critical data.  Mozy is a great cloud solution that charges by the GB.  Mozy stores 90 versions of your data and only one copy goes against the billable space.  The competition counts the duplicated data against the quota.  This product is going places and that is why they are owned and teamed with  EMC and VMWare.